Italian Neroli Oil in 2016, The Latest!
Time:2016-03-29 10:21  Source: ecoarts

Orange flowers in full bloom in March and April every year, the season of harvest, white jade of orange flowers smell intoxicating aroma.Picking and screening are done by manual where they will be screened out carefully, to ensure that every single flower get into the distillation process and to produce high quality Italian Neroli essential oil.
Neroli hydrosol has brilliant effect on whitening and hydrating to improve the dull skin and deeply purify skin, this would skin rise the whitening potential of the skin.
Make the follow-up skin care products absorbed fast and effectively, the tendorness of skin will be lasting even longer, they are even more popular in summer!

ECOARTS will bring - Italian Neroli water, keep a close attention on our lateast news!