Company Profile

 Ecoarts Enterprise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in developing and importing & exporting natural plant raw materials. In recent years, we make a great progress in steady supply chain and sustainable development by our persistent efforts. We have established closely cooperation with excellent factories and plantations all over the world.

As we know, many plants have their own specific characteristics and high requests for the climate, soil and elevation etc.,which leads to the strong and regional global distributions. Ecoarts core team has visited many countries and regions to 

investigate in order to guarantee the quality, Ecoarts has scientificly made a policy to control the quality, that is “source 

control”. We pay attention to every detail during the growth process of plants, such as field growing,plantation management,harvesting and transportation,production and processing as well as storage and inspection ect.. Quality control is 


“Better oil• Better life” it is a guide to make us keep moving and it is a target to integrate the splendid sources from all over the world.Ecoarts contributes to the healthy development of aromatic industry and try to become your first choice of 

strategic cooperation!


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