The latest Thai characteristical hydrodol in 2016
Time:2016-05-16 02:35  Source: ecoarts

New hydrosol products from Thailand have arrived in 26/01/2016, hot sale launched after the Spring Festival, popular items are:

English nameChinese name
Golden Champaca Water黄玉兰纯露
Ginger Water姜纯露
Gardenia Water栀子花纯露
Jasmine Water茉莉纯露
White Champaca Water白玉兰纯露
Lotus Water莲花纯露
Blue Lily Water蓝睡莲纯露
Pink Lily Water粉睡莲纯露
Golden lily Water黄睡莲纯露
Frangipani Water鸡蛋花纯露